Press releases

28.11.2014, 18:10

National public reception day on 12 December 2014

According to presidential instructions, a national public reception day is to be held on Constitution Day. This started last year on 12 December 2013 in the President’s Reception Offices which include the Russian President’s Reception Office in Moscow and the President’s reception offices in federal areas and administrative centres in the Russian regions. Public reception hours, noon — 8 pm local time, are also to be held in federal executive bodies and the respective territorial bodies, in federal state bodies, in the respective territorial bodies, in regional executive bodies (hereinafter — state bodies) and at local governments.

State bodies or local governments and the authorised officials of these bodies personally receive petition applicants at the President’s Reception Offices between noon and 8 pm local time, and with an applicant’s consent, their personal petition is used in a video/conference link, audio link or other type of communication with officials of other bodies who are authorised to resolve the issues that are raised orally. Personal receptions are conducted as part of a live queue; an individual is required to produce an ID (passport).

If the authorised officials conducting personal receptions fail, with respect for the time zone differences, to provide the possibility for an individual applicant as part of a video/conference link, audio link or other type of communication with authorised officials, to resolve an issue that is raised orally, the possibility of personal communication with the respective official will be offered within seven working days of national reception day or at another convenient date for the applicant. This applicant will be informed within three days on the time, date and place of the next available meeting with the authorized official.

The specific location of this year’s public reception day offices will be posted on the official Russian President’s website on the Personal Reception page in the Applications section (, and on the official websites of the respective state bodies and local governments.

The authorised Moscow executive body officials will receive citizens on national public reception day within their competences.

In the Moscow Government Reception Office, Moscow Government members and the heads of executive branches, within their competences, will receive citizens personally on this day at 21 Voznesensky Pereulok, Moscow.

The addresses of reception locations on 12 December are posted on the official websites.